Friday, 3 October 2008

Level 39 - Slip me some skin...

Awww, I was bouncing to get home from work last night after reading some much needed catchup on Resto4Life, and caught a link to a druid skin mod'
So without delay I set about installing it as soon as I got home, while multi tasking cooking some stir fried rice as a quick meal.
It was quite a simple process, rename the files you want, and slip them into the data file. Im a little worried that I violates the game rules of blizzard, but I always was a bit of a rebel in nature and too right…the bear skin needs updating!
The file was called Druids of Azeroth - New Shapeshift Skins 08-09-08.rar, I will be adding some pics along the way as I level.
Which by the way I managed to Ding 39 over in Arathi Highlands. Still using Quest Helper, just to get pointed in the right direction after accepting each quest as I go. I find it helpful, but im sure there are less memory intensive addons out there somewhere.
Bumped into a mage in STV doing the legends quest lines, who's main was a 70 Feral tank druid, I asked a few questions and got some good answers about stats and gear, which was nice, then later had a chat with a fellow guildie playing his Alt Paladin asking me for some advice on this and that about paladin tanking. So I asked a few about Boomkin druids too. Nice little chats in exchanging knowledge last night, it was nice for a change :)
I have started with Stamina Agility items, and managed to get a half decent staff to go with it, catform is good, and I don’t seem to be struggling yet, but I will keep my eyes open on the AH for the Monkey leather items meantime.

Meanwhile the news of both the patch and WOTLK looms ever closer. And i have asked the guild to declare their classes for raiding at level 80. Im holding back my answer until later in the weekend to see what is being filled out, but thanks to Chick GM blog (Definately a good read) i was able to approach the guild with a few questions picked out of the blog. So credit there, where its due.