Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Time Out

Well, i have taken time out to raid on my Paladin, but now i seem to have burned myself out constantly raiding this week and last week im coming back to my druid for a bit of peace.

WOTLK got our guild in a bit of a stir, some new folk that where raiding types took the oporitunity to leave for more progressing guild a step higher than our own. But all came good in the end everyone got what they wanted, and theres only 6 weeks left to go. Some people got all shitty about it, which wasn’t nessesary at all. And rather than engaging in a flame war, I see it as a game I login and play for 2-3 hours per night to enjoy, not argue on differences of opinion endlessly. /sigh
ANYWAY!! Wotlk. Well, I logged onto the PTR, I looked i saw and I awed. Very nice patch incoming. For paladins, yay, some love, but I feel its all a bit too late for me, 2 years + of playing a paladin stuggling to be a viable tank since before TBC, and finally it arrives 12 months later. However 4 other classes are able to do the same thing, as Blizz is now blanket sweeping classes under 1 group of main tank viable classes, including the new death knight. Am I bored of paladin? Yes…im afriad to say I am now, and need to play something else before I really start looking at games like Tetris for some R&R.
Druid the answer?
I don’t see why not, I loved my druid while I leveled and PVP'ed and at level 38 atm. I also like the asthetics of a night elf and the leather animation textures. Colorful, rich tribal and detailed. My RL partner (Leni Gnome Mage) is also playing a Druid with aims to go resto. Would I play Tank, DPS or Resto? I don’t know. Still undecided, and its 50/50 Tank and Resto atm.

I have played a warrior up to 49, and tbh its the same as a paladin style of play. Hit, eat, hit some more, hit. Bandage. Druid i have a choice of pew pew, sneaky sneaky claw claw, or big bear hug of spam rejuv on someone i am grouped with. /flex

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