Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Level 37

..was a breeze.
I gave the feral tree a chance to redeem itself to me for the 30's and while it did do the business very very well, my rejuvination and rage/energy switch was all messed up and weak, ok, i didnt take the 5 points in Furor. Should have, but didnt, my bad. But i'll be putting them back in sometime.
I think for the first time i died a few times waiting for Rejuv, and rage to pump itself away..it didnt, hence dead.
Bought some gear off the AH, and this time i didnt have to depend on my Main Character to fund it this time. Which as nice. Most gear is AP, Agility & Stamina.
Weapon wise at this level i am pretty stuffed, staffs in the AH are hopeless trash, and daggers and offhands are somewhere between average and below level. So im pretty stuck there, unless i get a lucky drop from something or a quest reward.

DPS wise, i am impressed. Esp' with the talent tree making a big difference, to crit, and combo points. And pounce looks to be a neat little trick, and looks like the prowl option is now starting to get interesting.