Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Alts - Filling the holes.

It took a long while to figure out (years even) that the Paladin Tank was the class for me to play for all time. Yes, i could try the druid tank, but running a guild, and raid leading etc limits that ability and flexibility in the long term...By getting there inbetween patches.
If i had a druid, i would need something opposing the specs of my paladin which is Tank - DPS.

My druid would be Resto - Boomkin? im just thinking out aloud with gear having Spell power on it anyway. And i wouldnt need two sets of gear to quest or what have you..Ahhh but wait, pvp...Mmmmusing the idea..

And i bought a leveling guild. I've played wow for 4 years now, im entitled!! Leave me be, i earned it. It's mainly for my paladin to get to 80 quickly, as i spent 7 months on my DK to find out i didnt like it as a tank.

So when i get my paladin on its feet, this lil ole druids going places, finally now that i have made up my mind.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Gambling with Abilities.

Uhhu, bookmark Everyone's going solo! I may have mentioned sometime ago, in a galaxy far far away, that my main character was a Paladin Tank. Much like being addicted or, in the habit or comfort zone for 3 years i am very reluctant to focus on my druid full time.
Of course, i tried out a Death Knight since the launch of WOTLK, and to my liking, i did enjoy the dps side of the class. However the versitility side, sucked the fun right out of the class. I guess i enjoy having more than one option than hack and slash sometimes. And having no ability to self heal was a pain, even if not a just a little, and aside from the complex high maintenance skill rotations and deseases, it was a chore to tank with. DW DPS...ace fun though, but thats where the line gets drawn..
But if i had of leveled my druid,..... what would have been the differences between a Paladin Tank, and a Druid Bear tank? aside from Plate and Sheild's i know my paladin better than i know that back of my own hand in its capabilities.

Heres a few Q's for the Bear's out there..
1. Itemising, did you find it difficult to get gear for 10 man entry?
2. Was it craftable starter gear or Heroic Dungeon Gear for Pre-Naxx?
3. And how well do you managed group tanking on comparison to other tanking classes?
4. And how do you feel the Teir System works for you with regards to raid drops from bosses within a raid?

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

80 Spec - WOTLK

Been looking around some websites, and decided to hook up with this fella.