Monday, 6 October 2008


I announced to my guild today that i was changing my class for good. And aiming for a tanking druid. I also have a big cheer for being relisted on Resto4Life YAY!
I was pondering through the professions, and i think i said earlier in my blog about going herbalisim and alchemy. Im not too sure whether i want to do that considering how organised my guild is at keeping the guild bank stocked with potions and flasks all the time. I took a dibble at leatherworking on on some of the wotlk spoilers, but i dont have enough information to make an informed descision whether or not leatherworking would be a worth while profession to take in this expansion. Considering most professions crafted armour is outdated by raiding, but there is only a few items that are craftable they stay with you as you raid, like the engineering goggles for example. So hmmmm!! What to do?
Herbalism seems easy enough to do, and its one of the gathering professions I don’t mind doing at all. Skinning, well that’s a new one for me, and whether I remember to skin something after I have killed it is another matter all together. But I could get used to it. Thing is though, how many skinners and herbalist are on my server? Who knows..maybe inscriber might be a good for thought.

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