Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Level 42

You know what, since Friday I have forgotten what level I am? How bad is that? /checks armoury Ahh 42!
This week I would like to see me over 45+ I don’t know whether I would be able to reach 50 by Sunday evening, but that’s situational to RL commitments. I don’t play on Sunday and Mondays (Normally) and Thursdays is the big 25 man raid night, if there is one on this week. Which will mean im tanking with Nadiastorm.
I managed to reach improved leader of the pack, and that has made a real difference in catform. Leveling through mobs for quests for example. The new custom skins have had a real nice effect on playing also, keeping my interest.
Im going through Duskwallow Marsh at the moment, and managed to whip through 80% of those quests fairly quickly to jump to level 42 from 40. I think now im heading over to Shimmering Flats after that. Been there before with my warrior leveling, and that was fairly easy to whip around too, so I don’t think it will take me much time at all to hit 48. Im glad im not in STV, I still have a bunch of quests left to finish there bu im hopeful I can get away with never going back, I think after shimmering flats its Hinterslands…I think. And that place is easy too. Done in 1 hour last time, maybe even 40 minutes.
Im still on the look out for a decent staff, or Mace. I think Mace is probably the best weapon I can use for stats while leveling, I will have to check Thottbot or something to see whats out there as a quest reward, im not keen on running an instance hoping for a drop as that seems counter productive to leveling before wotlk comes out. Can I reach 70 before 13 November? Who knows, but we'll see