Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Start right, End right...

After spending sunday's doing the regular "standing at the guild vault making pots for the raid" day (Which is quite therapeutic really, with all that bubbling noise and the rare world discovery excitement) with my girlfriends Mage character. *Shock account sharing* And a lovely comment from Phae about the leatherworking, it looks like, in my heart of hearts, Alchemy and Herbalisim will be the main professions to hit on.
To many times i have lead a raid group to hear "I've used all my mana pots, all 30 of them!" ...ok, so we where training on the Curator at the time... but that thought scares me a little, ...coming from a priest, not that that is a bad thing, but an omen of things to come for a druid? and both paladins standing there with full mana bars and looking like they just logged on. Trust me, they pump out some awsome healing, as does the priest, but at the end of the boss fight, the paladin looks effortless. (And it is, i've done it)

Karazhan is where our guild is at the moment, working up and around Shade of Aran. I recently got involved in the AV bonus weekend (With my paladin), and saw how easy it was to gain honor, and lets face it did you think i tanked AV? no, i healed through it with +1400 healing in my tanking spec..healers are in shortage in BG's, which is a shame because it really does test your reflexes.
One thing i saw which was the bain of any fight was fighting someone who had a druid healer backing them up, loaded with HoT and swift mends etc i watch one Tauren Arms warrior tear through 6 alliance players (Hunters, Clothies, rogues, warriors and paladins), i ended up swapping my gear to PVE tanking, and oddly enough a druid from nowhere started to heal me.

I absolutely love the druid, i had an officer meeting last night, and was tempted to login afterwards and hunt some quests down, but alas, too late.

So, for starter gear at 70, its PVP.
Professions, Alchemy for Pots & Therapy on Sundays.


Phaelia said...

I'm glad to hear you'll probably be sticking with Alchemy/Herbalism. While it's not the flashiest of tradeskills, it will serve you well through thick and thin since there will invariably be potions that you can make for yourself (and your friends) no matter what is added to the game! =)

Editor said...

Something i have put to good use is our guild bank, where every raid members are able to take out limited stacks of Food and Flasks from the bank. Our Alchemists, through the week use the matts folk donate daily to ensure they get their buffs by raid night.