Monday, 21 January 2008


I am seriously thinking about leatherworking, buying gear from the AH is painful, and the pots that i make from Herbalism isnt worth it all that much, plus the herbing is a real distraction from leveling.
I have considered the options, and decided on my next leveling spree to dump both Alchemy and Herbalism for now and concentrate on Leatherworking and Skinning, at least i can do that without straying off the leveling.
I have considered that when i get to level 70 taking on Jewel crafting, and along with my Alt hunter which i use to gather matts with might be the way to go, however, thoughts might change nearer the time. And i will have to see what consumables i would use alot of.
One definate goal for me with Artemís will be to get PVP gear and Kara attuned, i think the Jara attunment will be after...getting the PVP gear though for sure. This is a long haul journey, not a short blast to 70.

Something i was considering was re-rolling my character to look a little like the pictured in this post. May aswell make a character right to start with, and carry on the journey in contentment.


Phaelia said...

Depending upon your spec, Leatherworking will afford you little. There are a few pieces for Ferals (Heavy Clefthoof) at level 70, but all of it can be cheaply purchased from the AH since many use HCH to finish levelling their skill. There is next to nothing for a Restoration/Balance Druid (with the exception of Drums of Restoration and possibly Windhawk, but you'd be better off wearing Primal Mooncloth which is tailored). Granted, there are a few world drop purple recipes and recipes that drop in places like Serpentshrine Caverns, but these recipes are far off on the horizon and, in my opinion, aren't an especially good reason to choose the profession.

I know I wish I had never picked up Leatherworking on day one. It's too late for me to switch now, though, as I have too many rare, reputation-based recipes. >.<

Editor said...

That is a very big relief, thank you for that Phaelia. And thanks for looking at my site too. Very honored. :)

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