Thursday, 24 January 2008

Im a Bear, a Panther, a Lepard, a Sea Lion, an Elf (and a Bird) and eventually a tree

I remember being in bear form, for Lakeshire. Elf, for Ashenvale. Sea lion while running away from the horde in Arathi Basin. Travel form, for going from A to B. And Catform for leveling.
Again, i was raid leading as my paladin. Not enough healers to come again, and still, in protection spec, pimped to the nines in epic and blue healing gear, i found myself thinking of the druid, tree form. Our resident, and very capable druid Kiddman, was main tank.

As a GM and Raid Leader, i can see the strengths of each class, spec, and player. It is a shame that the bleed effect of the catform is wasted (in most parts) in Karazhan, to show there true DPS. Tanking wise, the druid is victim to the rage vs aggro problem for the first 5 seconds of the initial fight. Tanking alongside a Paladin tank, the Pala has to allow the aggro to build on the druid, and allow the rage to generate to share the aggro between them both, and this can be quite tricky to keep balanced. While the DPS and Healing group jump about re-positioning as the boss spins between them. My guild is used to me tanking and throwing huge aggro down within 5 seconds of the fight, and i see the showbolts and fireballs whoosh over my head. Same can be said for warriors, however, once the fight gets going, all is well for both druid and warrior. Its like i said, that first 5-10 seconds of holding back for the dps..
As a raid leader i crave for a Resto druid to present itself to our raid. I do feel cheated playing my tank as a healer, currently i am 2nd Tank to my friend Micke (warrior) in gear, a great guy. But i doubt a resto druid will benefit from our guild, until we are at the point of 25 man content, and we need more members for that, and it wold be better to play my druid instead of my tank, to sub for a missing healer.. Im still reminded of that Tauren Arms warrior in AB with the resto druid....
(flash heal - flash heal - Holy light, yawn)
I should mention my guild's name, Tuatha De Danann
It's taken 2 years, for a group of friends to come together into one guild with an ambition to play freely, safely, socially, and be more loyal to each other and i with a passion. Its a guild about people/players, not classes progress and epics. This guild is more than skin deep.


Aertimus said...

It seems I will have to read your Blog simply because your name is spelled more right then my name! I look forward to it!

Editor said...

Thanks Aertimus :)