Friday, 18 January 2008

To Begin - Level 31

For the last 2 years i have been playing a paladin. And since begining to near end of this paladin life i have always wanted to play a Druid for many reasons. Main of which is the versitle class that it is. But alas, things within the game, guild politics, and generally guilds, kept me playing my paladin non-stop. But there is now an opportunity for me to level my druid. Currently at level 31, and with the aid of Kopps Guide
I have had a short run of leveling my druid froom level 10 to 31 in a short time, done some battle ground (Which i loved doing) and that has opened up a whole new world of warcraft for me.I have tried all the other classes, but they all seemed to miss something i was looking for. Something imaginative, something flexable, and a jack of all trades. And the druid definately fits that bill. I have some leveling time set aside for next week so i will get on with it when i can.

I respecced to Resto for a test to see how i got on in BG, i was impressed. HoT was very good to watch on other people trying to kill horde, and oddly enough there is never enough healers on the Alliance side to do BG on my Servers Battlegroup Reckoning, however in AV thats different.
I would very much like to level to 70, and gain gear by pvp. PVE would be a pain, and very labouring. And resto would be my final build i would think....
Following Kopps guide i am around in Astranaar, then Alterac questing. And just went to IF to pick up some other quests from the Explorers League, im not sure where to head out to next and will need to look it up. I picked up some new Cat skills, im sure they will be much better when i get back to my original spec.

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