Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Level 33

DefiantI dinged 33 yesterday, after a short spell of questing. And decided i will stick to my resto spec all the way through to 70. Reasons, i want to start as i mean to go, i did try the feral tree and struggled with staying alive sometimes, however the benefits of the resto tree (since respeccing) have saved my butt a few times already, especially the talent where you get free energy / rage when shifting into a form. And since this is a true journal of leveling to 70, doing it in resto build makes it more ...interesting. Oh and i took swift mend as my 33 talent.

I just started in shimmering flats above Gadgetzan. It wont be long until level 35, i remember doing this place a few times and its fairly easy. And then probably a bit of STV later.

With 50g, level 40 and a mount isnt going to be too much hard work. Although i am addicted to travel form.

My gear is pretty ok for now, but its all mostly Stamina anf Agility, i like questing in cat form, and switching to Bear if it looks like im in trouble. Trouble is, i need a nice looking hat...that egg cup thing is shamefull.
I led Tuatha through Kara again last night, and we brought along a resto druid (Clamora), nice guy. And the lifeblooms where in abundance like a sea of banana's for a monkey to bathe in. A real difference in healing, and i never..really had to stop the raid for a mana break through curator and the trash up to the Chess event. I had to remember about the group buff though, and had to place him into the tank group for the bonus, something i didnt know about, another thing learned though.

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SaladFork said...

You do realize that speccing "feral" doesn't mean you have to have 100% feral talents, right? Most people who spec feral (a large majority) have quite a few points in Resto. One of the most common tanking/dps builds has 17 points in Resto, including Furor (free rage/energy when shifting).