Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Level 62

Still leveling, and with some big changes.
I recently had to take some time out of the game as warcraft was taking far too much of my Dad time with my new baby girl. My partner too (who plays warcraft), also has limited time now, due to her working patterns.
It was something close to 1 month out of the game. And on my return i began playing my druid striaght away.
Since then, i have removed all of my characters from our guild, except the druid. And given the current climate of classes in the guild and healers. Toreth (Yes, name change) will main spec resto! But will offspec tank for nights when raid sign ups are thin on tanks, or no shows.
The leveling guide is working out really well. The old style of leveling on your own is good for exploring the game, but if you want just to get to 80 because you have done it x2 already like me...you just want to get there. Then start the slog for raiding gear minimums

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Leveling Guide - Horde said...

I hope you still enjoying your Druid :-) It's my personal favorite class in WoW, I think having ability to play 4 different game styles with just one class is a great way to never get bored with your toon :-)