Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Alts - Filling the holes.

It took a long while to figure out (years even) that the Paladin Tank was the class for me to play for all time. Yes, i could try the druid tank, but running a guild, and raid leading etc limits that ability and flexibility in the long term...By getting there inbetween patches.
If i had a druid, i would need something opposing the specs of my paladin which is Tank - DPS.

My druid would be Resto - Boomkin? im just thinking out aloud with gear having Spell power on it anyway. And i wouldnt need two sets of gear to quest or what have you..Ahhh but wait, pvp...Mmmmusing the idea..

And i bought a leveling guild. I've played wow for 4 years now, im entitled!! Leave me be, i earned it. It's mainly for my paladin to get to 80 quickly, as i spent 7 months on my DK to find out i didnt like it as a tank.

So when i get my paladin on its feet, this lil ole druids going places, finally now that i have made up my mind.

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