Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Level 48

ood grief, in all my days of leveling i have never leveled x2 in 3 hours. On top of the rested bonus, and also having the dps shoulders from the heroisim badges. And a little guidance from Carbonite and QuestUp Alliance.
At this rate, i could be level 60 by the weekend, but thats getting excitable, or is it?

I have been musing about Boomkin or Tree, im done with tanking. Been there & done that, but no doubt the urge will be there, no doubt. Already im into the swipe-swipe-swipe mode sometimes on group pulls of questing mobs. But cat is where its at. Well...hell, maybe even both with this new duel speccing, i'll have my cake, and eat it thanks Blizz.

I have to say i thought it was a great idea for the Alts gear Locked to Account shoulders idea. How many times have you thought, of if rolled a ?? instead, or what would this class be like to play....but couldnt be arsed leveling it.."Groann STV...Pfff"

I think i will need to read up on Boomkins, and see what the *work* is envolved in it, for example spell rotations, and gear. And i hope its not like a DK.

My baby Daughter continues to allow her folks to game in the evening, sleeping from 7pm until 2-3am. So that doesnt hurt the evenings as much, and even at 3 in the morning, a quick 30 minute bottle and she is fast asleep again. 10 weeks fast they grow

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